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After you make a copper trellis, it will probably have blotchy oxidation, sticky flux residue, and manufacturer's ink markings all over it.


The easiest way I have found to clean off all that stuff is to use steel wool.

You can use the steel wool sold for cleaning pots in your kitchen. This steel wool already has soap in it. Brand names include "Brillo" and "SOS". These products work fine, but the steel wool pads tend to dissolve fairly quickly.

A longer lasting type of steel wool can be found at your home center in the paint supplies section. Get a "medium" type of steel wool. "Fine" steel wool will require a lot of elbow grease to clean copper pipe, and "coarse" will make noticeable scratches in copper pipe.

Spray your trellis and/or soak the steel wool in any type of household cleaner such as "409" or "Fantastic", and rub the steel wool over the trellis until you see bright shiny copper. Then rinse off the trellis thoroughly.