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How to Make Your Own Copper Pipe Garden Ornaments
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Page 29 of the Trellis Craft book shows a setup for table top assembly. You can do the same thing without a table by using concrete blocks on a flat surface. Concrete blocks as shown are about $1 each (2003 price) and are available at the home centers.

As long as the concrete blocks are on a flat and level surface, your trellis will come out flat. Sight down the trellis from one end, as in the photo above, to make sure the pipes are straight. Take diagonal measurements (page 30) to make sure the trellis is square.

Position the joints so you can solder them without interference from the blocks.

This is a center pole for the spiral trellis (page 135) under construction. Once again, sight down the length of the pole to be sure it is straight. The lowest leg of the trellis is positioned on a concrete block in order to keep the assembly from rotating while the other legs are soldered. Hose clamps (page 33) are used to hold each leg in the proper position until the leg is soldered. You can see a complete assembly sequence for the spiral trellis at this page.

Another way to use concrete blocks to make sure a straight pole comes out straight. This is a center pole for the "Snake" trellis, page 101.

All the short stubs of the Snake trellis must point in the same direction. To easily accomplish that, the stubs are oriented so they are all perpendicular to the flat concrete floor.

This is the assembly jig (page 30-32) for a simple square trellis pattern being used outdoors. Notice the cardboard to catch the inevitable drips of flux and solder. Click the photo for a larger, more detailed view (126K file size).