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This is a photo sequence showing one way to assemble the Spiral Trellis from page 135 of the Trellis Craft book. Before buying or cutting the copper tube that makes up the spiral, be sure and read this page.

A portable vise with a short piece of steel rod is used to support the trellis during assembly. You could also use a wood dowel in the vise, or pound a rod or rebar in the ground.

All the parts for the trellis are cut and dry fit. Hose clamps (page 33 of the book) are used to hold the center pole together during the dry fit.

Each tee fitting on the center pole needs three hose clamps, as shown.

The spiral tube does not usually need hose clamps during the dry fit. Tension from assembling the spiral sections into their tee fitting holds the spirals in place. It is normal to need to bend the spiral sections a little bit, either to a slightly more open curve, or a slightly tighter curve. You can bend soft copper tubing by hand. Just do the bending slowly and carefully so as not to kink the tube.

After a successful dry fit, the spiral sections are removed and the center pole is laid horizontal for soldering, using concrete blocks for support. Soldering with the pole horizontal is easier and will result in much neater joints than soldering with the pole vertical. For more information about using concrete block supports, see this page.

The hose clamps are removed from one tee fitting at a time, and the three joints at that tee fitting are cleaned, fluxed, and soldered. Just prior to soldering, sight down the length of the center pole and make sure the pole is straight. Also make sure the stubs off the center pole are horizontal and pointing in the right directions as shown.

After soldering the center pole, put it back on the assembly support. Working from the top down or the bottom up, clean and flux all joints for one spiral section and solder that section to the center pole. Then continue with the next spiral section and so on.

The completed and cleaned Spiral Trellis, to be used as a pot trellis. For more information on supporting pot trellises, see this page.