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Page 149 of the Trellis Craft book shows how to support trellises by using a concrete block and concrete. Here is a variation of that method.

Ordinarily, I would have pounded rebar a couple feet in the ground and used the rebar to support this trellis internally. But, I wanted to put this trellis where a tree had been, and there was a stump about a foot below ground which prevented pounding the rebar deep enough.

For this trellis, I put the actual trellis in the concrete. I could also have embedded rebar in the concrete, and then put the trellis over the rebar. See this page for a demonstration of that technique.

A gallon size or larger plastic jug. (The lower hole was taped over so concrete would not spill out.)

End of trellis bent so it can't twist in concrete

Stepladder and clamp used to support trellis while concrete sets

Trellis embedded in concrete, ready to be cleaned.

Ready to set out the cleaned trellis and support an overgrown Crossvine. One interesting thing about the spiral trellis is that it can support quite a long vine in a small vertical space. The Crossvine is about eight feet long. The copper tube that makes up the spiral in the trellis is ten feet long, so the trellis supports the vine with room to spare.

Hole for trellis support and Crossvine

After installation, March 15th

First flush of Crossvine bloom, April 16th. The trellis and vine have withstood winds of up to 35 mph without problems.